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The city of Sialkot is considered to be one of the most historical cities in the sub-continent. The nostalgia and splendour ingrained in its aesthetic architecture is reminiscent of glorious times.

Sialkot is known as the city of Iqbal who was born, and bred here. It is a city with a rich cultural, political, social and educational history with a diverse mix of people from varying walks and backgrounds. Sialkot is a city of culture and industry. It has seen times of bloody wars and has prospered in the golden ages of peace.

Of late, the city of Sialkot has worn a new look with the newly laid roads, erection of crossing, installation of street lights, construction of new buildings and renovation of old buildings. The construction work of the Sialkot International Airport is also in progress.

A mushroom growth of educational institutions both in public and private sectors has taken place which shows the keen interest of the people of Sialkot in education.For a prospective student the city of Sialkot provides a memorable and valuable experience. It is a vibrant city with facilities of all sorts. The centre of cultural, academic and social learning Sialkot boasts an enviable percentage of literacy.

  District Information  
Gujrat district and State of Jamu and Kashmir lie on North of Sialkot. Narowal falls on its North-East, Whereas Gujranwala district is situated on its West and Narowal district touches Sialkot in the South.
Sialkot district is spread over an area of 3,016 square kilometres comprising of following three tehsils.
  1. Sialkot
  2. Daska
  3. Pasrur
  Climate & General Soil Condition  
District Sialkot is hot and humid during summer and cold during winter. June and July are the hottest months. The maximum temperature during winter may drop to 4C. The land is generally plain and fertile. The average annual rain fall is about 1000 mm.  
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